Established in 2008 on 30 acres of land, our club provides equestrian training for all levels with its professional staff. The horses of our club are docile and trained.

Equestrian training is provided by taking all measures for the safety of the riders. Depending on the weather conditions, boarding is done.

Boarding is done under the supervision of the instructor and in accordance with the directives.

We have 56X25 open 60X20 indoor manegements for trainings. Equestrian training is provided for all ages starting from the age of 4 and summer school activities are also carried out.

The cafe section of our facility facing the indoor manege is open for 50 people and the restaurant facing the open manege is 120 people and various organizations can be organized in summer months.

There are 6 paddocks and each paddock consists of 2 acres in order to make horses in a healthier and peaceful environment.

Dila Country Club is regularly sprayed every month for your horses and your health.